All the help you need to reach health and fitness goals

Whether the aim is to run a marathon, get stronger, or elevate fitness, SCY247 Health & Fitness Hub has a program to help make that happen, according to owner Bridgete Schumann, who also has a psychology degree.

Bridgey, as she’s known, discovered her ‘calling’ during a time helping her dad to prepare for his first body-building comp.

“I thoroughly enjoyed having a hands-on role and helping him become the best version of himself, both physically and mentally. So I became a personal trainer.”

Bridgey went on to design her SCY247 classes around strength, cardio, endurance and active recovery.

Group sessions

These are circuit-based, with the style of training valuable for, and tailored to, all ages and abilities

“We like to think our form of training is periodised HIIT training. We are huge advocates for not continuously flogging yourself as that often leads to injuries,” Bridgey explains. “Our programming has high and low intensities throughout the week. We also now include some of the HIIT-style workouts, as well as offering powerlifting technique training for those wanting more of a challenge.”

“We think the way we approach group training is special. Each person who chooses us as their gym receives a 1:1 session to make sure they feel safe, comfortable and sure of movement patterns during classes. We’re the only gym of its kind set up with 24/7 access. One-on-one personal training is also available.”

Mum and bub-friendly

“For pre- and post-natal women, our classes prepare the body for pregnancy, as well as speed up recovery of the abdominal muscles. Mums can bring their bubs along in prams and do their workout with bub on the sidelines.”

Health hub

There are two rooms to consult Dr Elle Fleming from The OG Chiro clinic, as well as Brad Bullock, massage therapist from In-Motion Health & Coaching.

“We also have an amazing group of partners and health practitioners from around the Bellarine where members are able to visit and receive discounts.”

Special promotion

To enable prospective gym members the best chance to experience what the gym offers, there’s unlimited access to classes and gym for 14 days at just $35. NOTE: Tourists/visitors are offered flexible memberships or casual passes.

SCY247 Health & Fitness Hub,
 22A Sinclair Street, Ocean Grove. 
Inquiries: 0457 404 335 or